This has been our motto and mantra for nearly 20 years.
It is an affirmation that reflects the truest nature of the God who is for all people, is on their side, and wants them to find their deepest sense of belonging and joy in His love.

Jesus was once asked, of all the commandments in Scripture, which was the most important. The question essentially meant: “What’s the highest priority for living in harmony with the ways of God?” Without hesitation he spoke about loving God with every part of our being and loving our neighbor as ourselves. He made it clear there was no command greater than this.

For us, LOVE WINS, embodies our conviction to live in light of that truth.

We recognize that the love Jesus is describing is complex, messy, sacrificial as well as incredibly risky and difficult. We believe that LOVE is the primary disposition of God towards all people and that it has the power to transform lives and cause the Kingdom of God to come crashing into the brokenness and hurt in our world today with grace, healing and hope.

Our Vision

To lead people to follow the way of Jesus, in authentic community, for the good of the world.