What to Expect

For many people, going to church is like being asked to step back into the 19th century. The music feels ancient and outdated, the sermon seems out of touch with reality, and the atmosphere is as rigid as the padless pews.

Others have experienced those communities that have brought the service into the 21st century with all the “bells and whistles” - sometimes feeling more like they’re at a mall or a concert production than a house of worship.

The truth is, neither is right or wrong. Worship and growth within a faith community is as unique as the dynamics that shape a family. In fact, that’s one of the biblical metaphors for the local church.

At Newsong, we place a high value on gathering, growing, connecting, and worshiping in that framework: as a family. We even call our weekly gathering space our “living room” because we want to make sure that everyone feels at home.

So, if you’re searching for that place where you can experience a style of worship that is fresh, teaching that is relevant and creative, and a sense of community and connectedness that is authentic, we invite you to stop by.

We’re not claiming to be the only church making this offer, neither is our pursuit to be the “best” church - whatever that means. Nope. Our desire is to live out the fullest expression of our own God-given ‘thumbprint’. We know that there are many wonderful churches in our community and we don’t see ourselves in competition with any of them. Quite the contrary.

We just happen to be committed to offering the spiritual seeker, the skeptic, the “sometimer”, and the seriously devoted a place where they can journey, question, explore, and discover what it looks like to follow the way of Jesus and make a difference in the community and around the world.

Our vision is to lead people to follow the way of Jesus, in authentic community, for the good of the world. Normal people trying to imitate the ways of our Lord, taking that journey together, so that everybody - those inside and outside the faith -benefits. Simple enough.

So, if that’s where you are or it’s sounds like a journey you’d like to investigate, come by when you’re ready. It might just be “church as you always thought it should be.”